Our Philosophy

The name Supratec Membrane stands for quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction.


Our endeavor to manufacture to the highest quality standards comprises the entire membrane production from raw materials right through to the final product.
We use only the highest quality raw materials for our products, which have to comply with strict quality control standards. We work closely together with our suppliers to achieve and maintain our common quality goals.
Our extremely efficient membranes are manufactured according to state of the art membrane manufacturing technologies .

The unique production facilities are designed to ensure consistently the highest quality and a competitive and environmentally friendly production.
Fully automated raw material processing and dosage to ensure a uniform and stable production of the coating solution;

Fully automated membrane coating production under tightly controlled conditions to provide consistently high flow rates, recovery rates and replicability;


Fully air-conditioned production hall and automatic temperature and humidity control in all process steps to guarantee a constant and strictly controlled manufacturing environment;


Fully extensive water treatment process in order to maximize reusability of raw materials used and to minimize the impact on the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on the needs and expectations of our customers and aim to build up strategic and long-term relationships. We offer close cooperation, highest product quality at very competitive prices and prompt delivery to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are important part of our corporate philosophy. We take care to handle the resources as efficiently as possible and work continuously to reduce our ecological footprint. The main measures include recovery of the raw materials, avoidance of process water, use of renewable energies and energy-saving components.

Research and development - Hungary

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