Supratec UF/MBR Membrane Technology
Membrane Made in Germany
Supratec Advanced UF/MBR Modules

The newly revised, powerful Supratec UF/MBR Modules are characterized by a high packing density and back flush function. The high-flux membrane modules are used for removal of suspended solids, microorganism and particles in the wastewater treatment.

Sustainable Future
Water & Wastewater Treatment

Supratec UF/MBR Membranes have been successfully installed globally, with over 2,000 references. It has significantly improved treated water discharge quality compared to the conventional wastewater technologies. Results also showed more than 50% reduction of carbon footprint. With its ease of operation, high permeability, and low operational cost, Supratec MBR technology is a sustainable, advanced process for wastewater treatment of the future.

Among the various types of tertiary sewage treatment technologies, only MBR membrane technology can fully integrate the three functions of biological treatment, solid-liquid separation (secondary sedimentation tank) and tertiary treatment. Because the solid-liquid separation effect of the MBR membrane is much better than that of the secondary sedimentation tank (normally, the effluent SS of the ultrafiltration membrane is close to 0), membranes effectively retain all bacteria and macromolecular organics in the biological system. Due to the membrane retention properties, those bacteria with a slower digestion rate are enriched having longer retention time in sludge which in turn can improve removal rate of organics, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Recognized Worldwide
Why us?
  • Local Engineering team with more than 20 years of experience
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Dedication and focus for development of advanced membrane technologies and custom solutions
  • Ongoing research and development activities in Hungary close to our customers
  • Largest, fully automatic UF membrane production capacity in Europe

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