Flat Sheet Mbr module

Supratec Group designs and develops MBR-Modules, which are equipped with PVDF Ultrafiltration membranes “Made in Germany”.

The MBR-Modules are available as MBR-400, MBR -800 and MBR-1200.

The newly revised, powerful Supratec MBR Modules are characterized by a high packing density and back flush function. The high-flux membrane modules are used for removal of any micro molecular compounds, microorganism and particles in the wastewater treatment.

Supratec MBR Modules are successfully applied worldwide and ensure a significantly improved treated water discharge quality compared to conventional wastewater technologies. At the same time the footprint can be reduced by more than 50%. Together with very easy operation, highest permeability and lowest operation costs, the Supratec MBR technology represents a most advanced process for wastewater treatment in the future.

Supratec Membrane is your OEM Partner if you wish to market the products under your name. We can manufacture according to your requirements.


Module elements

Each module consists of six main elements

① Membrane element
② Module frame
③ Outlet main pipe
④ Aeration inlet main pipe
⑤ Tube Diffuser*
⑥ Navigation frame

*Remark: Tube Diffuser is designed and made by Supratec Group

Advantages and Key Features

Advanced back flushable flat sheet membrane module design
Minimum chemical cleaning requirement
High packing density comparable with hollow fiber module
Highest module membrane surface area
Very high wastewater flux


High-strength new light-weight fabric bracing


Sophisticated balanced design to avoid structure deformation


Fully automatic controllable operation system


  • Municipal wastewater treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Grey water treatment

Product Specification

ModelMBR-400MBR 800MBR 1200
Membrane area400 m2800 m²1,200 m²
Membrane materialPVDFPVDFPVDF
Membrane pore size (nominal)0.03 µm0.03 µm0.03 µm
Membrane Flux (clean water)>1,500 l/m²·h·bar>1,500 l/m²·h·bar>1,500 l/m²·h·bar
Membrane Flux (MBR application)10 – 60 l/m2·h10 – 60 l/m2·h10 – 60 l/m2·h
Size (H*W*D in mm)2,350*825*2,1782,350*1,460*2,6502,350*2,050*3,080
Dry weight (kg)~ 570~ 1,200~ 1,750
Membrane bracingPET (PP optional) non-woven fabricsPET (PP optional) non-woven fabricsPET (PP optional) non-woven fabrics
Membrane interlayerHigh strength PET fabricsHigh strength PET fabricsHigh strength PET fabrics

Operation Parameter

Limit temperature40°C (104°F)
Operation pressure (water)20 – 450 mbar
pH-Range5.0 – 10.0
Application water depth3 – 6 meters (use double-layer membrane group installation, if > 5m
Aeration systemHigh efficiency Supratec Tube Diffuser(2) (energy saving syphon aerator optional)
Air Demand0.2 – 0.6 Nm³/m²·h (2) (Energy saving optional, 0.08 – 0.2 Nm³/m²·h)(2)
Chlorine (water source)< 6ppm (3), 20°C

(1) Depending on model, double-layer membrane group if water depth is more than 5 m
(2) Depending on model

Cleaning Parameter

Total chlorine lifetime limit> 1,000,000 ppm·h(3)
Maximum limit of chlorine5,000ppm(3)
pH-Range2.0 – 11.0
Cleaning cycle1 – 2 times / yr.
Online chlorine cleaning200 – 300 ppm (as available Cl)
Online chemical consumption2.5 L/ m² (mixed chemical)
(3) As available Cl

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