Dr. Hamid Rabie

Our company is built on the commitment to develop and offer sustainable solutions for different industries and municipalities using advanced membrane products for a wide range of applications. Our team consists of pioneers and experts who understand the challenges and are driven by innovation. In water sector, our mission is to regenerate wastewater, protect water resources from pollution and solve clean water scarcity. We are driven to use such innovations and technologies for other separation challenges in health care, food and beverage, energy, and pharmaceutical.

We are transforming separation industries by offering comprehensive solutions to our customers to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost while minimizing the environmental impacts. With over 20 years of experience serving customers globally, Supratec delivers the most competitive products in the market. We continue to invest in research and advanced separation technologies. We have some of the largest membrane manufacturing and research facilities, that would ensure rapid development and commercialization. We are ready to be your long-term partner in achieving your goals.


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